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Water works

In relation with the Unicef ​​campaign “water-works,“ the Unicef ​​donation machine has been designed to raise funds for the supply of drinking water in developing countries.

The donation machines should be placed nationwide in different cities to confront several generations with the topic of “clean water“.

In order to collect donations, a playful interaction is offered by using the machine.
The attention of the passersby should be pulled through the eye-catching, playful and friendly design of the machine, without being intrusive. Through a small donation amount the passersby are not deterred. In order to reach not only the local donors, the “donation experience“ can also be shared digitally.
Thus a link between the real and digital world
is created in order to reach the masses. So that a donation becomes an experience, the education on the topic of “clean water“ is performed in a visually told story, which also informs about what can be done with the help of the donation amount.

Studie project of the University Niederrhein


Communicationsdesign /
Digital Interaction Design

Semester 4 / July 2014

Team: Susan Koch, Ruth Hartzheim,
Melissa Klein, Kim Truong

My Part: Concept, Illustration, education video

Tags: Digital, Concept, Interaction

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