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Life in Plastic

The plasticized world is beautiful, colorful and practical. The downside is: plastic will last a lifetime and is, is often only used for seconds as packaging. This brochure aims on informing young adults by appealing text and information graphics as well as motivating them for thinking about their handling of plastic, because the raw material oil is finite and the rising of global littering by plastic is omnipresent.

On the subject of plastic, there is a flood of information, that were filtered, organized, defined and compressed for the scope of the brochure. The challenge was to prepare textual information particularly for the target-group, to present figures and facts in descriptive information-graphics and to create a uniform design for the brochure.

The guiding principle for the design of information-graphics evolved from the aspect, that plastic is defined by its surface, thus I decided to work with photographs to create the informations-graphics.

The brochure “Life in Plastic, it‘s fantastic“ should be available free of charge for young adults in retail stores and online by the cooperation with educational institutions and health insurances.

Studie project of the University Niederrhein


Communicationsdesign / Information design

Semester 3 / February 2015

Tags: Print, Editorial, Identity

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