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Our news consumption has changed by the advent of digital media: Newspapers are recording a significant increase in digital subscribers compared to print subscribers.
To bring local news closer to young adults,
a target-group-oriented concept should be developed.

An online survey found, that 20- to 30-year-old people, receive their news mainly through digital media, but also appreciate the printed newspaper. The solution is a news format, which combines the benefits of digital and print media.

"Block" is an app, that reports primarily on local news. The user creates an account and can make its own choice of topics. Articles can be collected in a favorites list and shared via social media. With the integrated "Block Editor", the user has the option to collect its favorite items using pre-built templates to create its own newspaper. The user receives its print edition in an envelope with personal salutation. A modern, user-friendly design, and the usage of a target-group-oriented language, makes the "block" an attractive news form for young adults who want to enjoy the advan-
tages of print and digital media at the same extent.

The project work "Block" was nominated for the design prize "value-added design" Krefeld 2016, in the category "Economic value" and occupied the 3rd place.

Studie project of the University Niederrhein


Communicationsdesign / Editorial Design

Semester 5 / February 2016

Team: Susan Koch, Sofia Spengler, Anna-Lena Milde, Leonie Meurs, Leon Tröster

My Part: Conzept, Logo, App, Script, Storyboard, Presentation

Videoproduction by vidture

Musik: Kygo - ID
(UMF anthem 2015 & Fifa 16 Soundtrack)

Tags: Concept, Print, Digital, Editorial

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