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I give you pain

In life, every person experiences one or more injuries through insults, humiliations or mental injuries in the family, school, profession or partnership. Emotional stress and nerve crises are often the consequences. Sometimes the people even experience a trauma.

The illustration series "I give you pain" shows the visualization of the topic "Insult" in connection with the similar named song by the band "The Sound".
The white rose is the central element of this illustration series, which symbolizes the experience of an insult in connection with love, beauty, and transience.

The impulse to the final image concept emerged from the results of various design exercises. Photography proved finally to be the most suitable method for the implementation
of the image concept.


The illustration series was exhibited at the event „Open Day 2017” at the FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

Studie project of the University FH Salzburg


Mediadesign / Illustration 2D

Semester 3 / February 2017

Tags: Print, Illustration

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